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Here at Moonlight Gems and Jewels, I am committed to creating unique and beautiful jewelry for my customers in Jackson, SC, and beyond. I have spent years developing an eye for gems, jewels, and stones that can be fashioned to create wonderful pieces of jewelry.

With experience, I have mastered the skills necessary for producing high-quality pieces that appeal to customers. I am pleased that some of the local stores carry my jewelry, so it is available to more people. Hopefully, when you see the pieces, you will recognize the care and effort that went into producing them.

All of my pieces are handmade. This is part of what makes them unique. I take pride in producing superior items, and anything that falls short of my standards will not be sold to customers. Any piece of my jewelry that is purchased is of high quality.

While I enjoy designing jewelry, I realize not everyone shares my perspective. This is why I offer customized pieces. Any vision you imagine and translate to me is subject to production. If you can conceive the idea, I can bring it to fruition.

I take as much joy from creating customer’s designs as from creating my own. If you need custom hand made moonlight gems and jewels, contact me now and I will help you produce it.

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