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Carving a gemstone is an act that has played out for many generations. It was not a long time ago that faceted gemstones were cut in a traditional round cut and rounded or highly-polished stones were cut in geometric shapes such as ovals, squares, and circles. This has changed.

Gemstone carving is now producing a seemingly endless variety of shapes and adornments such as channels, tunnels, plateaus, and more. This has translated into more diverse pieces of jewelry hitting the market. Some people prefer the traditional cuts, but there is high demand for modern-cut stones.

In the hands of a master stonecutter, the possibilities for any given gem are extensive. With handmade jewelry that incorporates gemstones, the cut of the stone is very important, but the craftsmanship of the entire piece of jewelry must be as precise as the carving of the stone. The quality of carving combined with the skill of the craftsman largely determines the value of a piece of jewelry.

The prices for gems and ornaments can vary greatly based on numerous factors. Of course, rare gemstones are more valuable than ones commonly found and used to make jewelry and ornaments.

The primary qualities looked for in gems are beauty, durability, and rarity. The visual appeal of a gem lies in its optical properties, which determine the stones color, fire, and luster. Even the most beautiful gem needs to be somewhat durable, so it will not easily fracture and become worthless. Unique gem carving produces unique ornaments and jewelry.

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