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Here at Moonlight Gems and Jewels, I support the principles of fair trade. People who produce goods should be able to sell and distribute them on a level playing field. Ultimately, the quality of what an individual creates should be the determining factor in whether it is financially successful or not. I believe in social and environmental consciousness.

One of the great aspects of the items that I produce is that they are natural. On top of this, all of my jewelry items are handmade. I mine my own materials, so I know the environment is not being harmed in the gathering process.

I specialize in stone jewelry in Jackson, SC. I understand that not everyone wants the same piece of jewelry. Though you may really like the necklace you bought online, it loses some of its luster when you go out and see several other people wearing identical items. When you purchase one of my handmade necklaces you won’t have this issue. I value the individuality of each customer.

I always pay attention to the details, and I appreciate the opportunity to make jewelry and work with these beautiful stones. All of the care that goes into the creation of my items will come through in the quality of the finished product.

When you request a special customized piece of jewelry or ornament, I take time to discuss exactly what you are looking for before I begin the project. Whether you have every detail already taken into consideration, or you need a bit of help fleshing out the design, I can help create exactly what you are looking for. Once I have a grasp of what is needed, I go about locating the proper materials. I find the stone of your choice and then carve it to meet your specifications

I use all of my years of experience to create high-quality fashion jewelry. I insist that my products have individuality; they will stand out both when on display in a store, and when you wear them.

Come see me today so I can begin designing your custom jewelry right away.

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